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Assalamu'alaikum Wrmbth, What is AQIQAH in islam ? Aqiqah means or defined as sacrificing animal due to the birt of a newborn. The word "aqiqah" is literally taken as "to cut". This religious practice is performed by the parents as conducted by Prophet Muhammad pbuh and his companions whenever bestowed with a new child. Aqiqah in islam is usually performed simultaneously with the day of shaving the newborns hair.
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what is aqiqah
Goats and Sheep are sacrificed as a way to express our gratitude to Allah

What is AQIQAH law of implementation? According to the ulama majority consensus and experts of fiqh, to parents able in terms of money in performing aqiqah are highly recommended to do so. The reward for fulfilling sunnah of prohet Muhammad SAW will be bestowed good merit by Alllah SWT. Allah SWT in judement day will asked about aqiqah and the five times daily obligatory prayer as narrated in a prophetic hadith.
To ensure our aqiqah is performed in the best way possible, its important to know the ruling

What is AQIQAH best time of implementation? It's on the 7th day of the newborn birth as mentioned in a hadith narrated by Tirmidzi “Verily Rasullullah SAW strongly encouraged that on the seventh day of birth of a child, he/she should be named, the hair should be shaved and the aqiqah performed.”
Kambing Golek Aqiqah
The condition of animal for aqiqah is very important for consideration

I heard that AQIQAH was performed by the arabs even before islam, what is aqiqah in islam differs with the one practiced by the arabs during the time of jahiliyyah? Before Islam came, the arabs will sacrifice a goat/lamb, shaved some hair and put some blodd from the sacrificed animal to the newborn if a baby born was born. The prophet Muhammad SAW forbid this practice and replaced the blood with musk. This traditional arabic ritual are modified after the dawn of Islam.

Kambing Golek Aqiqah
In the old days before Islam came, the Arabs had already practiced aqiqah

What is AQIQAH and QURBAN differences? First, Aqiqah once in a lifetime but qurban for every year if able. Second, Aqiqah meat are cooked before served while qurban meat are distributed raw. Third, in aqiqah the bones are not encourage to be broken while there is ni problem with qurban.

Kambing Golek Aqiqah
Eventhough both aqiqah and qurban involve the sacrificed of certain animal, there are differences in this practices

What is AQIQAH recitation while performing the sacrifice? Recite Bismilahirrahmanirrahim and followed by this dua [Oh Allah, this is the aqiqah of (the child’s name) who is a gift from You and to You we shall return.]
Kambing Golek Aqiqah
A cow has 7 parts for aqiqah while goats and sheeps has only 1 parts
Kambing Golek Aqiqah
Camel is similar to cow for aqiqah with 7 parts

Kambing Golek Aqiqah
Example of kibas (Aqiqah part similar to goat & sheep)

What is AQIQAH acceptable types of animal? From a hadith narrated by Umm Kurz the goats / sheep are used for aqiqah. 2 goats for a baby boy while 1 for baby girl from Sunan Abu Dawood Book 15, No.  2830. If a goat is used, it must be 2 years old or have already changed teeth. For cow, more than 3 years while for camel should be older than 6 years. All of the mentioned animal above must be healthy, free from defects (handicap - blindness, sick and insufficient nutrients).

Kambing Golek Aqiqah
Chicken, ducks and other 2 legs animal are not used for aqiqah

What is AQIQAH benefits of implementation? Many benefits can be stated and here are some of it. First, bringing someone closer to Allah SWT since the first day of birth. Second, protecting the newborn from danger as exampled by prophet Ismail which Allah save him by switching with a lamb. Third, as a way a parents show their gratefulness to Allah SWT for endowing them a child. Fourth, the child name is widespread during aqiqah ceremony and people will know the birth of newborn baby.

Kambing Golek Aqiqah
Implementation of aqiqah will strengthen family ties in islam as a way for family gathering
Kambing Golek Aqiqah
One of known benefits for aqiqah is to protect newborn child from danger Insyaallah
Kambing Golek Aqiqah
As a way for a servant showing gratefulness to his creator Allah

What is AQIQAH related hadith that might be useful for our references? First, a hadith narrated by Salman bin 'Amir Ad-Dabbi : I heard Allah's Apostle saying, "'Aqiqah is to be offered for a (newly born) boy, so slaughter (an animal) for him, and relieve him of his suffering." Sahih Bukhari Volume 007, Book 066, Hadith Number 380.  Second, Yahya related to me from Zayd ibn Aslam from a man of the Banu Damra that his father said, "The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, was asked about the Aqiqah. He said, 'I do not like disobedience (uquq),' as if he disliked the name. He said, 'If anyone has a child born to him, and wants to sacrifice for his child, then let him do it.'" From Maliks Muwatta Book 026 Hadith Number 001. Third, Yahya related to me from Malik from Nafi that if any of Abdullah ibn Umar's family asked him for an aqiqah, he would give it to them. He gave a sheep as aqiqah for both his male and female children. From Maliks Muwatta Book 026 Hadith Number 004. Fourth, Yahya related to me from Malik from Hisham ibn Urwa that his father, Urwa ibn az-Zubayr made an aqiqah for his male and female children of a sheep each. Malik said, "What we do about the aqiqah is that if someone makes an aqiqah for his children, he gives a sheep for both male and female. The aqiqah is not obligatory but it is desirable to do it, and people continue to come to us about it. If someone makes an aqiqah for his children, the same rules apply as with all sacrificial animals. one-eyed, emaciated, injured, or sick animals must not be used, and neither the meat or the skin is to be sold. The bones are broken and the family eat the meat and give some of it away as sadaqa. The child is not smeared with any of the blood." From Maliks Muwatta Book 026 Hadith Number 007.

What is AQIQAH ruling for delaying aqiqah due to parents cannot afford to do it? The ruling of aqiqah in islam is sunnah Muakkadah, if parents cannot afford it for the time being it can be delayed until they are able to. Aqiqah can be performed up to the child's puberty

What is AQIQAH ruling if someone else besides the parents (Aunt or grandparents) performs the aqiqah for the newborn child ? Aqiqah can be performed by someone other than the parents.

What is AQIQAH ruling for adopted child? Aqiqah can be performed for owns natural child and also adopted ones

What is AQIQAH ruling for performing it overseas? Aqiqah can be performed locally or overseas with conditions of having the intentions of performing aqiqah when the goat/sheep is bought and sacrificed.

What is AQIQAH related common misunderstood issue? There are many issues regarding aqiqah and here are some of it. Parents & grandparents performing aqiqah may consumed the sacrificed goat / lamb meat. Some people misunderstood that they cannot eat it.Another issue is aqiqah should be done for both female and male newborn babies. The one practicing aqiqah for only newborn baby boy is influenced by Jews practice. 506   
فتح الباري ج 9 ص


Catering Majlis Aqiqah Bandar Putri

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Harga Kambing Golek Panggang dan Tempahan

Catering Kambing golek Majlis Aqiqah Bandar Putri

Assalamu'alaikum Wrmbth, Catering Majlis Aqiqah di Bandar Putri Klang telah selamat diadakan pada 29 Oktober lepas. Baru hari ini ada kesempatan untuk mengulas. 2 ekor kambing golek telah siap dihidangkan kepada para tetamu yang hadir disertai dengan menu sampingan seperti kentang putar, sos lada hitam dan coleslaw. SILA TELEFON atau SMS 0192653791
Kambing Golek Aqiqah
Panas diatas pemanggang, kambing golek menyerikan majlis aqiqah anda

Hidangan Kambing Golek Panggang Istimewa

Panas dan lazat untuk sajian tetamu sekalian. Alhamdulillah, hidangan kambing golek bagi catering majlis aqiqah ini berjaya kami laksanakan denganjayanya tanpa sebarang aral melintang. Masalah hadir untuk diselesaikan bukan? Majlis aqiqah ini diadakan untuk anak lelaki pelanggan kami. Majlis ini dimulakan pada jam 2 petang dan hidangan kambing golek yang dihidangkan habis dalam jangka masa 2 jam sahaja dihidangkan. Cuaca yang cerah di Bandar Putri pada hari tersebut melancarkan lagi temasya pada hari tersebut. Memang rakyat Malaysia sedang dilanda demam kambing golek bukan.
Kambing Golek Aqiqah
Peta ke Bandar Putri Klang

Segala puji hanya dari Allah kerana memberikan kami kelapangan untuk menjayakan catering majlis aqiqah di Bandar Putri ini dengan sempurna. Hingga bertemu lagi di lain masa Insyaallah.


Harga Kambing Januari 2012

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Harga Kambing Golek Januari 2012

Assalamu'alaikum Wrmbth, Masih dengan suasana tahun baru, marilah kita bekerja dengan amanah dan bersungguh-sungguh. Bage mereka yang berhajat melaksanakan ibadat aqiqah dengan kambing, berikut adalah harga kambing 2012 dari Pakar Kambing Golek dan Panggang Harga Murah

 harga kambing
Harga Kambing 2012 Seberat lebih 45kg pada RM790 sahaja

Harga Kambing Panggang Golek Berpatutan

Kambing aqiqah cukup syarat untuk anda pada saiz yang sangat besar (hampir anak lembu) dan harga RM790 sahaja. Daging memang banyak dan lembut, tak percaya? Boleh lawat sendiri dikandang untuk kepastian. Harga kambing untuk januari 2012 yang sangat istimewa, boleh bandingkan harga kerana anda memang pengguna bijak.

harga kambing
Ini pula kambing pada berat lebih 40kg
Gambar diatas ini untuk baka kambing yang sama pada berat berbeza, RM770 siap sembelih lapah dan hantar kepada anda. Berat lebih 40kg dan daging pun banyak. Hanya kambing untuk januari 2012 terbaik untuk anda.


Tempahan Kambing Panggang Golek

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Harga Tempahan Kambing Panggang Golek

Assalamualaikum Wrmbth, Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa kini kami sedia menerima tempahan kambing golek / panggang. Seperti biasa, insyaallah kami akan laksanakan amanah para pelanggan kami sebaiknya.

Butir-butirnya adalah seperti berikut


1) Kambing Golek Bukan Aqiqah

Berat karkas (Tulang + Daging): 15-18kg
Harga: RM900
Apa yang anda dapat: Kambing siap panggang, 2 orang pelayan, coleslaw, sos lada hitam dan salad
Saiz Hidangan/ekor: 50~60 orang

2) Kambing Golek Aqiqah
Berat Karkas: 15-18kg
Berat Kambing Aqiqah Hidup: +-35kg
Harga: RM1300
Apa yang anda dapat: Kambing siap panggang, 2 orang pelayan, coleslaw, sos lada hitam, mayonaise dan salad
Saiz Hidangan/ekor: 50~60 orang

Meriahkan majlis anda dengan kambing panggang golek :)


Aqiqah Anak Lelaki

>> Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Assalamu'alaikum Wrmbth,
Bagi mereka yang sedang berhajat melaksanakan aqiqah anak lelaki  disini saya sertakan sedikit rujukan berkenaan aqiqah bagi anak lelaki. Semoga bermanfaat dan sebar-sebarkan kepada semua orang supaya semua beroleh berkat dari sunah Rasulullah SAW ini.

aqiqah anak
afdhal aqiqah anak lelaki 2 ekor dan perempuan 1 ekor
"Setiap anak yang lahir itu  terpelihara dengan aqiqahnya yang disembelih untuknya pada hari ketujuh (daripada hari kelahirannya), dicukur dan diberi nama." (Riwayat Abu Dawud, al-Turmuzi dan Ibnu Majah)

Diriwayatkan daripada Aisyah, bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w. memerintahkan para sahabat agar menyembelih aqiqah untuk anak lelaki dua ekor kambing yang umurnya sama dan untuk anak perempuan seekor kambing. (Riwayat al-Turmuzi).

Daripada Ibnu Abbas r.a. pula menyatakan. bahawa Rasullullah s.a.w. menyembelih aqiqah untuk Hasan dan Husin masing-masing dengan seekor kambing. (Riwayat Abu Dawud). Semoga hadis berkenaan aqiqah anak lelaki ini bermanfaat untuk anda.


Harga Kambing Akikah

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Harga Kambing Golek Akikah

Assalamu'alaikum Wrmbth,

Harga Kambing Aqiqah / Akikah dan Korban / Qurban TELEFON atau SMS 0192653791
 Kambing yang digunakan bagi tujuan akikah dan qurban hendaklah memenuhi syarat-syarat yang ditetapkan oleh syariat agama islam. Kambing ini mestilah telas salin giginya ataupun berusia 2 tahun. Terdapat pengecualian bagi kambing baka boer yang dibolehkan sembelihan aqiqah apabila usianya 6 bulan. Harga kambing bergantung pada harga semasa, maklumat lanjut adalah seperti tertera dibawah:
  • Harga kambing aqiqah dan qurban semasa dengan pakej sembelih lapah dan hantar adalah daripada julat RM750-800 (Bergantung pada harga semasa dan harga ini boleh berubah dengan kenaikan harga minyak dan tukaran matawang asing) 
Sate Kambing memang digemari ramai
daging kambing
Harga Kambing bergantung kepada keadaan semasa

Fatwa berkenaan umur kambing boer ini dijelaskan berikut. . Syarat-syarat lain kambing bagi tujuan ini adalah seperti berikut:
  • Kambing ini sihat dan bebas dari penyakit yang mengurangkan dagingnya
  • Kambing tidak mempunyai kecacatan seperti tempang

Harga Kambing Daging

Harga kambing dipasaran tempatan terbahagi kepada 2, daging beku import ataupun daging kambing segar. Harga Kambing beku import lebih murah daripada harga kambing segar tempatan kerana daging segar mempunyai rasa yang lebih manis dan lembut. Tambahan pula, kambing bagi tujuan daging hendaklah berusia dalam lingkungan 12 bulan dan mempunyai kandungan kolestrol yang rendah dibandingkan dengan daging lembu. Harga kambing ini bergantung pada harga semasa yang ditetapkan ole FAMA. Pertanyaan anda amat dialu-alukan.
Harga Kambing
Kambing yang gemuk disembelih untuk dagingnya

Harga Kambing bagi Ternakan (Harga Kambing Baka)

Kambing bagi ternakan mempunyai harga kambing yang lebih mahal daripada aqiqah / akikah dan jualan. Ini kerana kambing ini digunakan bagi tujuan pembiakan. Kambing jantan yang digunakan untuk penternakan adalah istimewa dan mempunyai harga yang mahal kerana anak hasil dari kambing ini berkemungkinan besar kembar 2, 3 dan mungkin 4 ekor. Perkembangan berat anak kambing baka baik juga lebih pesat daripada kambing lain. Kambing yang memuaskan tumbesarannya akan dijadikan kambing pedaging (untuk dagingnya dan akikah) dan bagi yang mempunyai tumbesaran cemerlang disimpan rapi dan dilatih menjadi kambing baka. Kebanyakan jantan yang dipiih menjadi baka adalah Kambing Boer Full blood (Baka Boer dominan) dan Jamnapari. Harga baka kambing menurut jenisnya adalah seperti berikut:

  • Harga kambing baka boer yang diimport FB RM2800-3500 (Hanya ada atas permintaan)
  • Harga kambing baka boer tempatan RM750-RM1300 (Juga ada atas permintaan sahaja) - Julat harga bergantung pada umur, berat kambing dan Tukaran matawang asing
  • Kambing Jantan Boer
    Baka Boer Full Blood Jantan
  • Harga kambing baka boer betina import RM950-2000
    Kambing Anglo Nubian
    Baka Anglo Nubian Jantan

    Kambing Jamnapari
    Baka Jamnapari Jantan dan Betina
    Harga Kambing terbaik bagi pilihan anda. Hubungi Kami bagi pertanyaan lanjut. Nombor ada datas blog



>> Sunday, December 18, 2016


Kambing Golek Aqiqah
2 kg daging kambing
1 cawan susu cair
2 camca sedang kerisik
4 biji bawang besar [dihiris]
1 cawan minyak masak

100 gm badam goreng [biarkan sebiji-sebiji]
2 biji limau nipis [diambil airnya]
4 biji tomato [dibelah empat]
4 camca sedang puri tomato
5 tangkai cili hijau
1 cawan bawang goreng
1 ikat daun pudina dan daun ketumbar
Garam secukupnya
Air untuk mengempukkan daging Bahan-bahan perap:
3 camca sedang rempah beriani
2 sm halia [dikisar]
1 camca sedang cili boh
10 tangkai cili hijau [ditumbuk kasar-kasar]
10 tangkai cili merah [ditumbuk kasar-kasar]
2 biji bawang besar [dikisar]

Cara menyediakan Kuzi Kambing:
1) Daging digaul bersama bahan-bahan perap. Masukkan puri tomato, kerisik dan garam. Perap sejam.
2) Panaskan minyak di dalam kuali. Tumis bawang besar hingga kuning. Masukkan daging perap dan air. Masak hingga daging empuk.

3) Apabila daging empuk masukkan garam, susu cair, tomato, cili merah, cili hijau, air limau, badam goreng, daun pudina, daun ketumbar dan bawang goreng. Kacau hingga kuah pekat baru diangkat.


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