Kes Pelanggan Kambing Aqiqah Golek Puas Hati

Assalamu'alaikum Wrmbth, Melalui internet ni alhamdulillah lebih mudah untuk kita jejaki apa maklumbalas klien tentang produk kita. Kalau buruk servisnya sekejap je tersebar. Kalau elok servisnya, pun tersebar juga tapi tak lah cepat mana.

Dalam majlis aqiqah dan perkahwinan, oleh kerana ramai pihak yang terlibat kemungkinan berlaku perkara luar kawal memang tinggi. Contohnya tetamu lebih ramai daripada sangkaan, makanan tak cukup, hari hujan dan jiran buat perangai. Jika Allah swt izinkan, perjalanan majlis boleh jadi lancar. Contohnya seperti dibawah ni, siap ulas di blog sendiri lagi. Jika pelanggan puas hati ada kemungkinan tempah lagi dengan kami. Minta maaf jika ada tersandung dimana2, sepatutnya kambing golek memang kami seperti dibawah ini, termasuk servis onsite grilling, tetapi seperti diulas sebelum ini. Banyak perkara luar kawal.

It's One Month for Iman

Baby Iman has passed her 30-day milestone, Alhamdulillah. She and her Mama are still in Terengganu enjoying the fresh sea breezes of Rusila which I'm sure are doing them both a world of good. Meanwhile her Bapak is in the thick of his work, medical as well as administrative, at the Kelinik Kesihatan Tongod and Hospital Kinabatangan. I bet he is counting the days when he can see baby Iman again, and in fact so also are we in Subang Jaya.

Here is Iman's latest picture (courtesy of her Mama), looking quite inquisitive in a selamba kind of way, not unlike her parents I might add. Maybe medical people develop this kind of look and somehow pass it on to their kid even in the first 30 days...  (do I hear sniggers?)

Actually Iman, a mere 30 plus days old, has already chalked up a couple of thousand kilometres of travel in her first fortnight. At 3 days old she was driven from Sandakan to Tongod, a good 2 hour drive in the best of conditions, and then at 10 days old from Tongod to Kota Kinabalu, about 4 hours, from where she flew to KL to transit at Tokmi the Second's (me) house before her sojourn in Terengganu.

We took the opportunity to hold a small aqiqah feast during her stay, at the same time hosting our weekly usrah (which  has run for 12 years now under the tutelage of Ustaz Sihabuddin and pioneered by my late brother-in-law, arwah Zubir Zainal Abidin, may Allah bless his soul and place him among the pious...  Ameen).
The slaughter of the goat and subsequent barbeque and buffet were managed by Faizal and co. of . They did an excellent job, arriving in good time to prep up the bbq, and setting up the buffet station. The meat turned out succulent and the other dishes of Briyani Rice, Dalcha, Jelatah, and Ayam Masak Merah did not disappoint - so much so my sister engaged him for Tokmi the First's (our mom) 85th birthday celebration on 12th May. For those interested their website is:

Ustaz's tazkirah was on The Rights of A Child Over His Parents. In a nutshell they are:
  • Choosing a righteous wife to be a righteous mother.
  • It is Sunnah to do tahniq for the child when she is born ie to place a bit of crushed date and honey on her tongue
  • The child should be given a good name
  • It is Sunnah to shave the child’s head on the seventh day and to give the weight of the hair in silver in charity. (Iman didn't have much hair and shaved, it weighed less than a gram)
  • It is recommended for the father to do the aqiqah
  • It is obligatory on the parents to provide for her sustenance and to teach the child Islamic values. The correct sequence should be first the teaching of aqidah, followed by worship especially solat, and then akhlaq plus other knowledge necessary for wordly matters.
 Well, 5 of the 6 bullet-points can already be checked. The last one is now in the hands of the parents, mayAllah guide them... Ameen.


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