Mari Berkecek English untuk Kambing Aqiqah

Assalamu'alaikum Wrmbth, lama rasanya tak menggunakan bahasa inggeris sebagai bahasa pengantar. Dulu masa belajar memang laporan dan sesi persembahan (presentation) dalam bahasa inggeris. Lepas jadi penternak kambing dan peniaga ni makin jarang guna bahasa kedua Malaysia ni. Nampaknya untuk asah lidah yang tumpul ni, saya harus mulakan inisiatif untuk kebaikan sendiri juga. Hehe. Kambing aqiqah dalam bahasa inggeris Goats for aqiqah.
kambing aqiqah
I really miss my 2 goat cubs from the first year of breeding. Too bad i sold them to some interested buyers. Hehe
kambing aqiqah
My first goat cub born in house. Normal delivery from a healthy female katjang goats. I really agree that local breed excels in our environment than imported one due to adaptation factors. Its hard to find a 100% katjang goat nowadays

Jemput jempu singgah blog bahasa inggeris saya Sekurang2nya tak lah janggal sangat bahasa inggeris kita nanti. Penternak kambing Malaysia tak patut di takuk lama saja, kita harus mengorak langkah dan maju kehadapan. Jadi pengetahuan berbahasa inggeris boleh menjadi satu peralatan tambahan, mungkin satu hari nanti kita boleh lebarkan sayap membekalkan perkhidmatan kambing aqiqah untuk negara lain. Pernah juga sebelum ni pelanggan pakistan, bangladesh dan pak arab datang. Orang iran pun ada. Nak guna bahasa arab tak pandai, jadi BI lah caranyanya. Hehe.


  1. Those 2 kids are unique in appearance, making them easy to be recognized. Do all your goats have names?

  2. Yup. Comot & Comet, my friends mother used to love both of them and feed them with milk everyday. as a result, they are not afraid with humans than even their own kind.

    How do you take care all your goat cubs and train their mother to natural breastfeeding. I found it rather difficult to train them to perform it naturally at first. I'm sure you have some practices worth sharing

  3. I do not train. I let them. Only in a few instances (first parity, or weak kids) that i will need to assist. I believe bottle feeding severe the 'herd' bonds, making those kids that bottle feed feel distanced, or isolated from their own kind. But bottle feed is the surest, quickest way to turn animals into pets. 

  4. I see, the laws of nature sure does applies even to humans and goats. Siblings taken care by their grandparents or adopted will question their parents in the future and some feelings of resentment might appear as a result of such practices.

    Now I see why Allah swt made of of his prophets as a goat herder since we have a lot in common with goats community. Hehe.

    One question is, how do you let them, i've seen cases where the mother neglected their cubs and let them starving to die. Furthermore, colustrum is important in the first 24 hours to ensure they will be protected by their mother passive immunity just like humans.

    If we wait and let things proceed it may be too late for the cubs.

  5. In my farm, cases of dams neglecting their newborns are rare.  Does which have experienced frequent births (3rd parity and above) are usually excellent mothers. I always let the kids from these type of dams suckle on their own.  

    New dams will need more attention from us. Some (not all) will neglect their newborns. When this happens, i will assist temporarily. 3 - 4 hours after birth, when the newborns are able to stand and willing to suckle, i will help guide them to their dam's nipples. 5 minute max. The next day i will check again. If the dams still refuse to nurse, i will assist again. 2 times per day max. The next day , i will check again and repeat. Usually those stubborn mothers will finally relent and nurse their kids. 

    I do experience total ignorance cases, but it is very, very rare, just one or two cases in a year, usually to new dams. 

    Did you notice newborn jamna kids are very weak at the knees? Usually jamna breeders will assist in majority of births. Too much jamna blood for us as meat goat breeders   will spells troubles for us. 

    Bottle feeding can cause far flung effect (affecting the next generation). It increases the goats 'level of human dependency'. 

    For meat goat breeders, NEVER lavish too much attention on our goats. But also never too little attention. BALANCE of attention is the key here. Make them tame, but also make the room for them to be "feral". We do not want them to be pets that constantly vie for our attention, we want them to be just tame enough so we can handle them easier. 

    I know what i said sounds strange but this is one of the secret to be successful in meat goat breeding. 


  6. where can i find digital quranic verses with translation on the internet, free to view?

  7. Insyaallah this will help you. Please find it useful.

    In future, if theres a problem with my goat in terms of help. Could i ask for an opinion and advice from you. Me and my friends really need some guidance on technical aspect in meat goat breeding.


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