Pameran Ternakan di Subang Jaya

Kids get to know more about livestock at themed carnival in Subang Jaya

IN CONJUNCTION with the Alltech Draw My Farm Competition award ceremony, Alltech Malaysia hosted a farm-themed carnival in 3C Complex, Subang Jaya recently.
The aim of the programme was to educate the public on the facts and myths surrounding animal production and encourage the young generation to join the livestock and feed industry when they grow up.
The carnival, which was open to the public, attracted over 200 children.
Reptilian lure: Two-year-old Yong Jia Ying looking at a Brazilian green iguana at the farm.
The event featured activities for families namely a petting and farm animal zoo, careers in agriculture, amazing games, happy little farmer photo station and magic performance as well as a drawing gallery containing more than 160 pieces of artwork from the children.
There was a food sampling corner where Zenxin Agriculture and 5 Star Chicken from CP Group were invited to set up booths for the people to sample their food.
Which came first?: Eleven-year-old Nicholas Paang at the Happy Little Farmer Photo Station posing with a chicken and an egg.

FLFAM vice-chairman Lee Lee Kong said the event was an excellent way to expose farm life to children at a young age while changing the misconception some might have about the industry.
“It is good to expose these children to the livestock industry as the young generation tend to perceive the livestock industry as being dirty and tiring. As a result, our profession suffers a shortage of young blood,” he said.
“The livestock industry is not only limited to farmers, but also includes veterinarians, animal nutritionists, experts in processing and marketing sectors,” he added.
Alltech Malaysia general manager Dr Richard Chong said it was fantastic to see such a good response from the public for the event.


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